A Simple Plan on how to build a Chicken Run

A chicken run is a structure which has been designed to allow the chicken roam securely within a restricted space. Unlike the chicken coop which restricts the chicken within it, a chicken run gives the chicken more freedom.

Why is it important to build a chicken run?

chicken run plan

Chicken enjoy roaming and foraging for food. When they are domesticated and allowed to freely move inside your compound then they can start being destructive. For example they can go to your small garden foraging for food not knowing they are destroying the garden plants. A chicken run will give your chicken freedom to roam but within a restricted section, they can enjoy the fresh air and sunlight. A chicken run is usually larger than a chicken coop.
By building a chicken run you ensure that the chicken will have appropriate space and this will greatly reduce aggressiveness and fights among them.Below are mandatory steps on how to build a chicken run for your chicken:

1. Make sure you have set your goals.

Before you have decided you want to go ahead with the chicken run building plans make sure you have asked yourself very important questions like how many chickens are you planning to rear, how much space do you need to build the chicken run and lastly what is the reason why you want to rear chicken.

2. Ensure you have a chicken run plan and design

Building any structure requires a plan and design which the developer will follow to avoid any errors. Even a chicken run will require you to get a simple design and plan. There are free plans and designs on the internet which you can use or you can as well approach an expert in building poultry structures to do the work for you but at a cost.

3. Get the necessary tools and materials for building the run

Some of the material which you will need include: bailing wire or twine, wooden stakes (should be long and sharpened on one end), timber, nails and chicken mesh. These materials can be bought from a hardware. Tools will include hammer, pliers, saw and a staple gun.

4. Final step is building the run

Once you have accomplished step one to three then you can proceed to building the run. Make sure when building you keenly follow the Chicken run plan and design you had selected to use. This will only ensure that you will not make any errors or in case you make errors they will be very minimal and you can identify them.
After you have finished building the chicken run, chicken can now be allowed to access the space. Another structure which you will have to add in the run include perch (chicken can rest on the perch), a portion of the run you can put some shade to protect the chicken from direct and intense sunlight. Feeders (for putting chicken feed) and water containers (for putting clean drinking water)must be present in the run for the chicken to easily feed and drink clean water.