Free Chicken Coop Building Plans

Chickens need a safe home to flourish. You can build your own chicken coop in the weekend. There are a lot of free chicken coop building plans available on the internet. You can select any of the plans and start constructing the chicken coop yourself or hire an expert to build it.

People do not prefer to buy ready-made chicken coops. They consider the low-cost option of building the chicken coop either by themselves or using an expert. Custom building a chicken coop costs less compared to that of a ready made chicken coop

What you need to build a chicken coop?

A chicken coop plan is essential for building a chicken coop. The support of a carpenter or an expert will be handy as it will ensure the durability of the chicken coop. The chicken coop plans mainly consist of building instructions, raw material required to construct the chicken coop and the blueprints. The requirements vary according to the size of the chicken coop and the number of chickens it is going to house. Chicken coops are normally constructed in the backyard of the house as the backyard forms the perfect place for all size chicken coops.

Chicken Coop Building Plans

Types of Chicken coop plans

There is a wide variety of chicken coop plans to choose from. Here are the major types:

1. A small coop plan is of 4 * 4 in size and can house about four chickens and people with a small number of chickens prefer these. The chicken coop plans include the measurement details, nesting box details, ventilation plan, list of materials, storage room, hatchway place, etc.

2. A chicken shed is preferred for a small chicken farm. This chicken coop plan is effective for ten chickens. This plan is fashionable with a transparent front side and a chicken shed in the back that is completely covered with ventilation facilities.

3. The poultry shack chicken coop plan is suitable for housing more than 30 chickens. It is a large plan in the size of 10” * 12” floor plan. Electrical installations are done in this plan with a sturdy construction. Such constructions have free nesting boxes. Chicken farms prefer a series of such constructions. The Mul – T coop plan with size of 12” * 16” floor plan is also similar to the poultry Shack model.

4. Poultry farmer chicken coop plan is for large chicken farms housing more than 100 chickens. The size of the floor plan is 24” * 24”. It gives easy access to cleaning and maintenance. All features of a chicken plan are included in this plan. Similar to this plan are the Gabriel chicken barn plan and coop master.

Benefits of Custom Chicken Coop Plans

The first benefit is you have the choice of selecting the material required to build the chicken coop. You can decide on the quality and durability of the construction. Depending on the size and number of chickens, you can decide on the size of the chicken coop. A custom chicken coop plan ensures that your needs and requirements are fulfilled, as a result. With a plan in your hands, building your chicken coop is very easy.